Egypt Will Overcome

CAIRO, EGYPT - Sunday, 31st March 2019

Terous Misr Foundation

in its attempt to join the support efforts in the country launched a national campaign to support the national efforts, deciding to target a totally different segment which is the middle-class youth (who are educated and have good command of computer skills), and who have lost their jobs or most of their income during the corona crisis.


Usually this segment is

never targeted in crisis, and they cant ask for any financial support and are not eligible for the criteria for non profit organizations.


The impact of Covid-19

as per expectations is still long term, and the number of people impacted in this category will be increasing every day.


Terous Misr Foundation designed a unique sustainable business model that works on linking the people who lost their jobs or more than half of their income during the crisis to multinationals and national companies to provide them with online jobs to provide them with sustainable income with dignity.


Business Model

Beneficiaries apply on the website by filling the application and after making sure they fit the attached criteria.
The applications are carefully screened by our team and data including the name of the place they worked in, reason of leaving work and date of leaving it is validated.

Applicants are sorted geographically and sectorially to be linked directly to companies.
The company employs them for limited periods according to its preference, away from the normal recruitment process, and in certain cases provide them with online training.

Our Objectives

  • Unifying all efforts of Egyptians around the government to cross the 14 day challenge.
  • Uplifting the positiveness status of the Egyptians in this global crisis.
  • Ensuring and highlighting the effectiveness and productive value of education and working online in this p

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