Wesh Elsaad Village Center

Based on Egypt’s vision to eliminate slums and build new civilized eco systems that can provide better livelihoods for unprivileged communities, and based on Terous’s vision to provide new economic and social empowerment models that can help to graduate communities from poverty especially in Upper Egypt, we started working on a new initiative that will work on more pillars of development to start in Naqada.


The initiative will work on making the first model of a civilized village center that includes a cultural, commercial, entertainment, educational and financial center in the village of Naqada, Qena Governorate.


Wesh Elsaad is a comprehensive model for economic, social, cultural and touristic center that works on the values of happiness, education and family bonds in unprivileged communities.

As a commercial center it will work as a center point for all crafters, sellers, merchants and workshop owners with their various handmade products, which contributes to solving the problem of random markets, and provide them with a legal frame to display and sell their products safely.

The village center also includes all activities and workshops that are provided for all family members, whether women, men, youth, elderly or children; this contributes to highlighting the value of family bonds and strengths.